Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanks for the Meme-ories...


Kelly tagged me. I now have to share five little-known Facts about myself, and then tag five other unfortunate Bloggers.

I will pay her back. It will be a slow and painful punishment, since she knows how shy and retiring I am, and how much I value my anonymity. Come to think of it, Dawno began the whole thing...

Well, here we go.

1. I have broken several bones. The sports-engendered ones are all on the right side of my body: my ankle (high school basketball game) wrist (Karate, green belt test, kumite) ribs and clavicle (American Football, played without pads - we couldn't afford them). I have also broken my left little toe stumbling around at night (twice). It's almost rectangular now. This actually constitutes at least five facts, and maybe I should stop here.

2. I have sold drugs to Sean Connery, Moses Malone, Frank Mills, Arthur Hailey, and Rex Harris, among others. Yes, they were all legitimate prescriptions. No, I won't tell you what they were for, Nosey Parker.

3. I have never seen snow. Well, in movies and pictures, but I have never caught it in the act, so to speak. The coldest it has been down here in my lifetime was the mid-40's F back in 1977. The northern islands had a few small snow flurries, which of course melted as soon as they hit the ground. The Government offices closed, as did all the schools; folks said it was the Judgment of God. As I write this, we're having our first real cold snap of the year. It's in the high 60's outside. Thankfully I work inside.

4. I once went two rounds with then Jr. Middleweight Boxing Champion of the world, Elisha Obed, who taught me how to jab properly, with your whole body weight behind it, and not just a flick of the arm. I was an amateur Welterweight at the time, and Obed's jab hurt me more than the straight rights of the guys I regularly sparred with. I had a cheap mouthguard, and his jab opened a horizontal cut inside my lower lip, about an inch across and a quarter inch wide.

I went home and swished some pure alcohol around in my mouth. After my lip finished exploding, I put a steroidal oral paste on the thing, and it healed in maybe a week, though I still have the scar.

5. CT came clean about the West Wing, so I'll fess up; I loved the too-short-lived Dead Like Me series. It was different. Quirky, with outrageous dialogue and story lines, and funny as Hades. What's not to like about a girl who gets killed by a toilet from the decaying MIR space station, and then becomes a Grim Reaper at 18? And the last scene from the final episode just begs for a resolution...


Who do I inflict with the Meme next?