Friday, June 23, 2006

Them Ol' Rejection Blues

Another dull and dreary mornin'
e-mail inbox still empty... (Repeat)
No replies, Lord, no replies
Rejection Blues is killin' me.

This writin' business makes you crazy
bloody Muse won't leave me be (Repeat)
lookin' Agents up online
blind from readin' my pc.

Now there is this one thing
almost makes me take to drink
my writing friends' acceptance posts
cause me to wring my hands and think
Oh baby...I won't ever be the same
you broke my heart when you called Agent So-and-So's name.

So many ways to say 'no thank you'
They didn't 'fall in love' with me (Repeat)
and then an 'out-of-office' note
wait till Monday, then we'll see.

I send out query after query
some don't bother to reply (Repeat)
and when they do it's a rejection
so I fold my arms and cry.

I have these ol' Rejection Blues
feel like a squeezed-out lemon rind (Repeat)
e-mail has another message
think I'm 'bout to lose my mind.

(12-bar quick-change blues, with profuse apologies to Robert Johnson.)


Madi said...

Whoops! the last comment posted before I wrote anything.

Don't worry about the fact that I had an agent look at my work. DEEP silence for months. I know she's busy, but I think that it's indicative of a gentle "no".

So there.

Dawno said...

Hi Zonk! Updating my AW Blogroll and taking some time to visit the new blogs.

I hope that the next letter you find in your mailbox brings good news!

gac said...

I agree with dawno, hope you receive that letter soon. You are very talented so whats wrong with those agents?????

-Kelly M. said...

Good luck with the agent hunt, my friend. :)

Look on the bright side. An empty inbox is better than one full of spam, no?

TJWriter said...

I like your blog, my friend